Brief history of toothpastes

We use toothpastes so carelessly today. One finishes, we throw it away and buy a new one from market. People rarely have time to consider the importance of toothpastes let alone read its ingredients and research about them.

Now that you have stumbled upon this article, let’s see how and when the toothpastes were invented and which ingredients it included because you are certainly taking the new flavoured toothpastes and Hollywood smile clinic Dubai which keeps your teeth shining for granted.

Around 5000 B.C, toothpastes were invented for the same purposes and reasons that we use them today for. Some used it for teeth shining while other used it for cleaner gums and fresher breath, either way the concept was pretty similar. But the real difference between now and then is hidden in the ingredients. You will be shocked to learn what kinds of ingredients were considered good and helpful back then.

Ox hooves’ ashes and burnt eggshell was combined with pumice to create a powder which was used as toothpastes. It doesn’t end there, just like different people prefer different types of toothbrush bristles, the same way there were different consistency toothpastes and ingredients for a stronger approach. Greeks and Romans preferred the stronger approach and this is why they considered crushed bones and oyster shells in their toothpastes. But they took a step forward to treat bad breath by adding powdered charcoal and bark. When this invention travelled to China, they of course added their own herbal mints and salts to enhance the flavour, colour and even texture as well as its effects.

If you are wondering why all the ancient toothpastes weren’t a paste but a powder then let us enlighten you that pastes were invented long after powders in 1850s. This paste was sold in a jar and the binding ingredient was soap. Soon the world advanced and the soap was replaced with different binding agents to form a paste like structure.

These toothpastes were for a general use and it wasn’t until modern 20th Century where different types of toothpastes were invented to treat different diseases and conditions such as tooth sensitivity, teeth whitening, toothpastes to be used after dental treatments such as root canal Dubai and etc. We have truly reached far from crushed bones and burnt ashes in toothpaste.