How to go about your company formation in Dubai

Dubai and the UAE at large have expanded rather significantly in terms of business and tourism in the past couple of years. The fact of the matter is that Dubai has put in a lot of efforts in terms of making it easier for foreign investors and businessmen to establish their presence here. It is for this reason that Dubai has managed to become the business hub of not just the Middle East, but that of the world too in the last few years.


To be honest, just about every other business that you consider now has its presence in Dubai. But the fact of the matter is that there are a number of rules and regulations that you need to pay attention to if you opt for an Ajman free zone company formation.  Here is a look into the steps that you must take if you wish to establish your business presence in Dubai:


  1. Sort out your documents and apply for a visa

Before anything else, it is necessary for you to sort out all your business documents and then apply for your visa. As you wish to travel to Dubai for business purposes, it is necessary for you to get your hands on a business visa. For this, it is vital that you get your documents in order and then apply for visa so that the process remains smooth and streamlined.


  1. Where do you want to establish your business?

The next thing that you need to do is to decide where you wish to establish your business. There are two options available to you in this regard. First, you can establish your business on the mainland. However, for this, it will be necessary for you to take on a local Arab sponsor for your business. While this may sound simple, the fact of the matter is that the sponsor will hold 51% share, which means that he will own the majority of your business. On the other hand, if you opt for an Ajman free zone business setup, there will be no need for you to worry about finding a sponsor and you will get to maintain 100% ownership of your business.


  1. Apply for your business license

Once you reach Dubai, it is time for you to apply for your business license. This also calls for you to ensure that your documents are in proper order so that your licensing process is completed smoothly.