Latest Trends in the Accommodation Industry

Travel has become an essential part of most people’s lives. Because of this, the accommodation industry has broadened its horizons. Backpackers and regular travellers can now choose from a wide variety of hotel, motels, inns, bed and breakfasts, hostels, and other forms of accommodation to make their stay comfortable and pleasant. Below are the things you should look forward to in accommodations this 2017:

  1. Technology in hospitality will keep evolving. Lately, there has been a rise in “software as a service” or SaaS products. These are more cost efficient and intuitive. Independent hostels and hotels already have channel managers and property management systems that help owners compete better with other accommodation companies. There is also more reliance on cloud computing, which provides more reliability and security.
  2. Niche marketplaces keep increasing. Each traveler has individual needs. It is only natural for travelers to look for the accommodations that cater to their specifications. Pet-lovers, marijuana enthusiasts, and young backpackers are only a few of the travelers that search for the right place that can satisfy their passions. A channel manager is helpful in finding potential guests for specialty hotels or hostels.
  3. Direct bookings. OTAs or online travel agencies dominate the accommodation industry. There is great revenue from OTAs. Those who are planning trips, visit up to 38 websites before they decide where to stay It is always beneficial for the hotel owner to update the website with new photos and offers. The local attractions, amenities, and room sizes. Social media, online ads, and content marketing attract more guests as well.
  4. Simple is better. There seems to be a flow of endless decisions when you seek a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of life. Nature trips and the experiences in the wilderness offer true disconnection from civilization and complete immersion.
  5. Continuous application of science and data. Since relaxation and rest are two of the main goals of most guests, accommodation companies will continue to use vital customer data and, science to help their guests sleep better. There are also apps that help the guests have pleasant and smooth experiences during their stay. Through these apps, they can control the ambiance in their rooms and even monitor the live at the buffet table. Lighting and sound technology, and sensitive waking techniques and tools are creative means to improve the guests’ sleep experience.
  6. Health and wellness elements. Because travelers are conscious about their health and well-being when they go out, they aim to stay at the feel-good hotels. The accommodations in these establishments are experienced with exercise routines and fitness classes. Edible resorts that cultivate micro-gardens, vineyards, and olive groves are also rising, together with resorts that incorporate nature and eco-agriculture.
  7. Mobile bookings are better in 2017. The power of the consumer increases with the help of mobile bookings. Habits in booking accommodations are changing dramatically. Half of the travelers make use of social media and visit travel agencies online. Mobile bookings are faster and less tedious. They also deliver quicker responses.

In 2017, the accommodation industry will continue to use effective consumer-faced technology and hospitality software. These will then enable a more pleasant and a faster travel experience from backpackers to the business traveller.