Classification of copic markers according to their prices

When it comes to buy copic markers people have to see that what amount they can spend to buy that. For this thing they have to know about the copic markers price in Dubai market. These prices are according to the mount of ink present in the pen, number of refills and number of colors available in each category. There are three kind of copic markers are available which can be used either as the drawing markers or as the board marker to write when you buy whiteboard Dubai. Following are the three categories and their characteristics:

Classic: It is the most expensive of all due to the highest amount of ink in them. Their ink will last longer than expected and that’s the main reason of their expensiveness. They also have a big number of colors so that people can easily choose between them and this will facilitate the art students to use whatever color they want. You can have a specialized ink bottle for them and these pens can be refilled for about 8 to 9 times with one ink bottle.

Sketch: These have the most number of colors so are very popular among the art students and the painters because they can easily use these markers instead of using colors of different mediums like water color or acrylics. These are less expensive than the classic ones but with the disadvantage of having less amount of ink in them. But they are also comes with the ink refill and each pen can be refilled almost 1 2 times with these ink bottles. There is also option for different nibs to choose. You can swap the nibs anytime.

Ciao: These are the cheapest of all three and can be found easily anywhere. They also have a big variety of colors but less than the other two. If you want to use these markers then you should know that you have to refill them more often than others because they have lowest amount of ink in them. An ink bottle can refill the pen for about 15 times. When we talk about the nibs then they do not have the option to change the nib unlike other two. They are two sided markers with one brush nib and one broad nib.